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Do you hesitate about Japanese market?


Your company is interested in Japanese market, but hesitates to go because of the geographic distance and the complicated process?

Why should you not utilize FOCUS J as your company’s Japanese representative? 

We will be willing to support you in launching your brand smoothly in Japan with our services such as the market research, the progression of the regulation processes, and the focus approach toward your prospected clients.

You can integrate your brand to the Japanese market with reasonable cost and huge potential with FOCUS J.



Japanese consumers tend to embrace quickly a new trend in order to enrich their lifestyle. Thus, several foreign brands have made a big success in the category of lifestyles, foods, and cosmetics…etc.

Will you make the next big wave?


The key of the success is BRANDING!

We maximize your brand visibility in Japanese market with the strategic marketing and communication.



To build smoothly your business in the Japanese and Asian markets, we offer a comprehensive range of services as following.

Contact us for a free web meeting. We will customize our service to meet your specific needs.

​1. Market Reseach&Strategic Planning


We analyze your business, competitors, and market, and propose strategies and measures including distribution channels (BtoB, BtoC), sales plans, and advertising plans to enable your products a smooth entry into the Japanese market.

2. Legal Measure


For selling your products in the Japanese market, there are legal requirements such as licensing (e.g. Cosmetics Manufacturing and Sales), notification for import (e.g. Notification for Importation of Foods), labelling in Japanese, etc., depending on the product category.


We will guide you through the legal requirements for your products and design your business to ensure that you can legally sell your products in the Japanese market, either through our company or in collaboration with our partner companies.

 We will also guide you for the establishment of your company in Japan and our distributorship agreements.

3. Expand your sales channels to Asian market


You can also expand your business throughout Asia by working with some support companies in China and other Asian countries.


FOCUS J will act as your marketing and sales hub in Asia and create an efficient business plan for you.

4. BtoB


For BtoB sales of your products in Japan, we support the following.

■Coordination of Trade Show Exhibitions in Japan
To gain a contract among many exhibitors at a trade show, perfect preparation is necessary, including booth design,  Japanese materials, excellent interpretation, and follow-up services. We work with an experienced event construction company to coordinate all aspects of your booth.

■Approach of Listed Distributors/Retailers in Japan

Commercial prospecting is an integral part of our strategy, and we will draw up a list of potential distributors and retailers in Japan, whom we will approach with documentation in Japanese presenting your company and your products. This prospecting includes email campaigns, call campaigns, and physical appointments.

5. BtoC

ラップトップ スクリーン カフェ

For BtoC sales in Japan, FOCUS J handle directly the following operations on your behalf.

Registration and operation for popular EC malls in Japan (Amazon Japan, Rakuten, Yahoo! Japan Shopping)


■Creation and operation of your original site in Japanese (per Shopify, Wix)


     *Sites created by us↓

■Exhibition at a BtoC fair / Pop-up store / Tele-shopping

■Advertising (Google /Yahoo search advertising, web media, magazines, SNS ads...etc.)

    *Advertising on web media↓

 ■SNS accounts operation (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LINE*)

     *LINE (Japanese largest messenger application)

  ■PR (press release, press event)


   *Major Press Release Sites in Japan↓

Project Experience

General Marketing

 - General marketing for a Japanese new underwear brand (environmental analyse, strategic planning, operational planning, advice for the product development, operation of the communication plan. (Advertisement in Web, magazines, press release, gestion of Influencers…etc.)


Marketing Communication

- Creation of the recipe book and posters collaborated with a Japanese chef and a designer for Europe market

- In charge of the marketing communication for the American cosmetic brand in Japan

(Advertisement in magazines, Press releases, the other PR activities)

- In charge of the marketing communication for the French cosmetic brand in Japan

(Advertisement of magazine and web, Press releases, website, SNS, influencer marketing, the other PR activities)


Market Research

- Research and order toward the fashion retailers in Europe for Japanese E-commerce company

- Market research for new IT service from France for the Japanese Market

- Market research and the document search to create the market report « Market research of Gyoza and MSG in Europe »

- Market research and the regulation check about the import in France for the Japanese interior products.

- Administration for the project « Attestation of the genuine Japanese restaurants at Paris » organized by the Japanese government

- Consumer survey of the Japanese tea tasting by French

- Consumer survey of the Japanese sweet tasting by French

- Shop research to send the Japanese interior products

- Venue research to open the Japanese Pop-Up store

- Venue research to organize the Japanese concerned event


Event Coordination

- Reception at Paris organized by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Japan

- Reception at Paris organized by Mie prefecture

- Japan Food Fair at Paris

- Hiroshima Fair at Paris

- Akita Fair at Paris

- Stands at JAPAN EXPO

- Stands at MAISON et OBJET

- Stand at SIAL (Staff arrangement)

- RAKUGO performance at the Japanese Culture Hall in Paris

- Project « FUROSHIKI» organised by Tokyo prefecture (Staff arrangement, Liaison between French and Japanese committees)

- Project of the communication of Tokyo Olympic 2020 in France (Creation of the proposition collaborated with a Japanese agency)

- Japanese violinists’ concert (Advertisement)

- Press conference for an American cosmetic brand

- Press conference for a French cosmetic brand


Sales Agency

- Sales agency for a Japanese interior brand toward the retailers in France

- Sales agency for some Japanese food products toward the retailers and the restaurants in France

                                                                                     *Including the projects that our representative operated in her previous agency.

Mona Pigliacampo_portrait.jpg

Ms.Monica Pigliacampo

(Europe, General Goods)

We are very happy to collaborate with FOCUS J to reach out our business to Japanese market. 


They understand well our brand philosophy and communicate it to Japanese market correctly.


They are open to talk with and react quickly.


We recommend FOCUS J if you look for a Japanese partner for your business development.


Ms.Imogen Hope
(Europe, General Goods)

Our collaboration with FOCUS J has been gradually growing over the past year and we have been particularly impressed by their swift and efficient response in our communication, not to mention their proactive and dedicated effort in the development of our relationship.


This instills much confidence and I sincerely look forward to continuing to establish a healthy partnership together. 

Hugo photo.png

Mr. Hugo Lussato

(Europe, IT)

 The work carried out by FOCUS J was of the highest quality.

The support we received on the market study was a great help in estimating the opportunity to launch a new business in Japan.

What I particularly appreciated was Midori's complete availability and professionalism.

The work was delivered on time despite a tight schedule.

Thank you Midori and I recommend FOCUS J.

Reviews from our partners 



(Europe, General Goods)

As president of BIGNON DERVAUX since 1878, Living Heritage Company, labeled EPV for its custom embroidered linen, I thank Midori for her responsiveness and professionalism for the management of prospecting in Japan.  


Her organization skill around a CRM makes her company FOCUS J effective. 


/Country Manager
(USA, Electric)

Midori played a major role in developing our marketing strategy for the Japanese market.

With many foreign products entering and competing in our target electronics market, our challenge was to formulate the root of our strategy, where to allocate our limited resources, and how to forecast and capture sales.

She worked with us to develop and implement a strategy (from STP to 4P) to beat the competition, using a zero-based market research and appropriate framework, without relying on a specific product or market.


This has guided all of our activities.


Mr. Akihisa KATO

(Japan, Cosme)

We came into contact with FOCUS J when we were considering the opportunity to expand our products for the Japanese salon to France market.


We found that there were various unknown hurdles to enter the EU for cosmetics products, such as the export permission. Thanks to Ms. Murayama's experience in France and her extensive network of contacts, our preparations for export are steadily being made.


We also feel reassured every day by her detailed and sincere support during the process, so we’ve decided to place an order with FOCUS J for advertising in France also after the application is approved.

I would highly recommend FOCUS J to the company which is considering exporting not only to France but also to the EU.

DSCN2774 (2).JPG

Mr. Yoshiaki UMEZAWA

(Japan, General Goods)

This time, we asked FOCUS J to conduct a survey on the possibility of selling our products in France.


FOCUS J provided us with a variety of suggestions regarding the content and subject matter of the survey.


They also provided us with appropriate analysis of the survey results and advice on future development.


We feel strongly that consulting with a consultant who is familiar with the culture and business system of a particular country is the best way to plan and execute overseas expansion.


We plan to continue working with FOCUS J in the future.



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January 28th, 2021


Foreign brand localization to Japan

Japanese brand localization to France 

(mainly for lifestyle, food, and cosmetic products)

​5-16-2-505, Hachioji, Chuo-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama, 338-0006, JAPAN  (Suburb of Tokyo)                  



Representative Profile​


Representative​, FOCUS J

​Bachelor of Laws at Aoyama Gakuin University.

Had the experience as brand communication specialist and supply chain officer in a French cosmetic company in Japan.

Lived in France for 8 years with work experience in an advertisement agency, a food company, and a localization agency to deepen the knowledge of marketing, communication, and the localization business.

Founded FOCUS J in January 2021 in Japan.

-Internet Marketing Analyst (IMA), Standard


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